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Northern Argentina offers fascinating sights to the visitor, with its varied and distinct native cultures set in their beautiful natural surroundings of Andean volcanoes, deserts, multi colored rock formations and green oases. We bring you in touch with its people, to learn their music, understand the regional variations, to fully enjoy the flavors of its Andean cuisine, discover incredible wineries hidden in the middle of imposing mountains. Northern Argentina is a hidden gem to be explored and experienced.

Here you find the soul of indigenous cultures mixed with Spanish influences. One of the highlights of Argentina is to travel through the Andes chain from Salta into the Atacama desert and saltflats of Uyunyi, it has immense nature of volcanoes combined with Andean cuisine, wine tasting, boutique spa's, for those who love adventure and luxury travel. We offer selfdrive itineries & guided trips for groups through Argentina and like to show you the possibility, for those who have the budget, to travel with a private guide - driver. This can be for a special holiday, for a gourmet culinary tour exploring the Nova Andina cuisine and wines, for a wellness holiday in the Andes, scouting for shooting locations, real estate, for making a film documentary. We form part of a professional audiovisual team and can help you further with all audiovisual equipment and take care of all logistics for a photo or film shooting in case this might have your interest as well. A traditional made yerba mate and a master class how to prepare your gourd with fire, charcoal and sugar will be part of the journey.

In this itinery we show you an example of how to combine Salta as a starting and ending point together with the Valley of Calchaquies and a visit to San Pedro de Atacama in the driest mountain desert of the world in Chile.

After Salta we drive to Cafayate and Cachi in the Valley of Calchaquies with Indian villages, famous wine houses, abandoned haciendas, snow capped volcanoes, plains with giant cactuses & amazingly polychrome rock formations. From Cachi we return to Salta, continue to Purmamarca from where you can decide to cross the Andes to San Pedro de Atacama via the Lema pass. You return via another pass and the Toro canyon to Salta again. These are 2 circular itineries joined in an eight shaped loop with the great advantage that we pick and drop off our car at Salta. You can also start and pick up your car at Catamarca or La Rioja and travel from there over the famous N40 to Cafayate, Cachi and Salta and drop off the car finally at Salta, but the drop off costs are very high due to the large distances that are covered in Argentina, so this is not the best option.

The itinerary from Cafayate to Cachi goes mainly over dirt roads and can be accomplished without problems with a normal car in the dry season from April to December. In the wet season part of these roads are flooded by rivers and only accessible with a 4x4 pickup. The rest of the roads mentioned have access all year round for a normal car. Accessibility of the roads in the high Andes in the wet season always need to be checked with local police stations. These itineries can also be booked as selfdrive programs by us. For selfdrive programs it requires good Spanish language skills, experience with orientation using maps & GPS, and not to forget thorough driving experience.

Treks on horseback or on foot of 3-10 days, guided by authentic Gauchos can be added to your program, see the reviews for horseback trekkings in NW Argentina on this site. You travel through fascinating valleys & mountains with pre-Inca & Incaica sites, with remote haciendas, puma's and condors, amazing pre-Inca petroglyps, you cross through an area where you can come only on foot or by horse, the postman and priest still travel that way.

We also offer guided private roundtrips at Mendoza & San Rafael, including gourmet cuisine, wine and olive tasting, boutique wineresorts, Aconcagua park, day and night visit to the observatory Leoncito, staying at boutique pousada La Querencia, Barreal (San Juan province), visit Caverna de Las Brujas, Laguna de Llancanelo and volcano national park la Payunia, visit to the observatory Pierre Auger at Malargue, Pozo de las Animas, Las Llenas - one of the best ski centers of Latin America and boutique spa Thermas de Cacheuta near Mendoza. More options are to cross the Andes and travel from Mendoza (or from San Juan as starting point to Valle Elqui - Selena in Chile) to Valparaiso at the Pacific Ocean, visit Zapallar, stay at Caleta de Horcon in a boutique lodge at the ocean, and/or Santiago de Chile in summertime with your private guide-driver in 4-5 days.

Some local festivals on the proposed itineries: a very enchanting festival of NW Argentina is the carnaval at Huamahuaca and San Pedro de Jujuy in February; at San Pedro de Atacama they celebrate Festival de San Pedro y San Pablo the last days of June, a blend of lively folk dancing, a thrilling rodeo, and processions that combine their Atacameño heritage into hispanic Catholic traditions, and the most important festival at Mendoza is the National Grape Harvest Festival (Vendimia) in the last days of February and first days of March.

Traveling with your own driver is one, traveling with a guide that has traveled and guided all over Latin America is another story tale. Your guide has a University degree, speaks fluent both English & Spanish, is a certified mountain leader, has guided more than 120 trips and is well trained in driving on difficult terrain also with 4x4 vehicles. The combination of thinking out of the box and the radiation of a guide with a mission can make this trip a real unforgettable experience. A guided trip can be one on one, it can be for a couple, family with kids or for a whole group. It can be a top luxury travel, we can also stay at guesthouses, that all depends on your travel wishes, we can even now and then camp using regular campsites if that would interest you. By making an enquiry through this page you get directly in contact with your guide. Feel free to Skype us or invite us for a call on a time that suits you. We have free calls to 42 countries worldwide among which free calls to the UK, USA, Australia and China.

Countries that we cover to guide at this moment are Argentina with the mid to northern range of the Andes, north Chile with the Atacama desert, Bolivia Altiplano & rainforest, Colombia from Caribbean, Pacific to the Andes, Cuba from West to East, Brasil from Rio de Janeiro, Pantanal, Amazon, Chapada de Diamantina to the Atlantic rainforest and beaches, the mystic South of Peru with Colca canyon, Cusco, Titicaca & Machu Picchu.

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